Transportation Options To And From the AirportIt’s vacation time! You’ve been waiting for this week for months. Your destination is what you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve found the perfect hotel, and you have some amazing activities in mind. You’re going to have the time of your life, except for one little thing: getting back and forth from the airport.


Getting yourself too and from the airport has always been one of those things that people hate to deal with. Driving your car is always the way you want to go-it’s comfortable, and you don’t have to work it into your schedule. However, parking fees at airports are huge-some can go into the hundreds of dollars! That’s money that could be better spent on your vacation!


There are, of course, alternatives. You can take a shuttle service. You would still need a way to get to and from the shuttle pick up and drop off point. Shuttles can be pretty pricey as well, often charging per passenger. If you’re traveling by yourself, this may be the most economical solution, but if you’re traveling with your family, you should be aware of other options as well.


You could have a friend drop you off and pick you up so that you could avoid parking fees. You would need to offer your friend some money to cover gas, but it would be far less than the costs of parking, and less than the cost of a shuttle if it’s your family. That also leaves the issue of getting to and from the airport once you’re at your destination.


Public buses usually offer airport drop offs and pick ups. The problem with this option is that they may not offer reasonable space for your luggage. It’s hard to load two adults, two kids, four pieces of luggage, and your assorted carry-ons onto a bus. Plus, you’ll have to walk from wherever the bus drops you off, which could be a considerable distance from your hotel. This is going to be one of the cheaper options for getting to the airport, but more difficult to manage with a family.


Black car service is an option that is easy, and surprisingly inexpensive, especially if you’re traveling with the family. Black car service is usually a door-to-door option. They’ll pick you up at your home or hotel, and take you directly to the airport. You won’t have to share a ride with people you don’t know, and if you are traveling with your family, the company will make sure that they send a car that will accommodate everyone. And truthfully, there’s not a vacation destination in the world where you won’t find black car service available. Some companies may have offices at your destination, or be able to give you a referral. Logistically, it’s one of the easiest methods of airport transportation to coordinate.


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